Esite Creations Office

Esite Creations was founded for the need of honest people developing good, quality websites that are affordable to everyone. Price shouldn’t be the deterring factor in deciding whether you should have a quality vs. “cookie cutter” website.

Your website AND content marketing are the success of your business today, period. Esite knows how to fulfill your digital needs for your business. Our technological expertise in web development, branding, graphic design, multimedia, hosting, SEO/SMM and customer service will result in nothing less than a website reflecting your true professionalism. Branding, content marketing, and concise SEO/SMM is what puts YOUR business on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo on a consistent basis. That’s what keeps us both in business ~ a win/win relationship.

Superb customer service with cutting edge technology aims to continue to keep our clientele ahead of the competitor curve and into the lives of their customers.

Nico Masse
CEO / Owner

Coming from Quebec, Canada, Nico Masse, CEO/Owner had a vision of bringing website development combined with graphic design to the forefront of today’s technology world.

Nico’s vast hands-on involvement with his company lets him do what he does best; develop and design. His love of family and his passion for life is expressed greatly through his work.

Julie Quizon
Creative Director

Julie worked for Information Technology Distribution of IBM, IBM Solutions and Microsoft. She has a Bachelor Science Degree in Commerce major in Marketing Management. She also worked for Multinational Companies operational, brands, marketing research and development.

Julie is a curator, a creative designer, and savvy EntrepreNURSEship. She loves innovation and collaboration. A unique blend of her Asian roots, western influence and deep spiritual awareness speaks of her natural charisma. A social media enthusiast. She founded, created, designed multiple individually unique companies.

Kelli Bullock
Sales/Marketing Manager

Ann Arbor, Michigan is where Kelli Bullock, Sales/Marketing Manager for US and Canada resides, bringing her vast experience of Sales, Marketing, IT/SMM and Customer Service to the forefront of Esite Creations. Kelli started with Esite Summer 2014, executing her eMarketing techniques widely recognized by the Social Media (both for 2012 and 2013. via LinkedIn).

Kelli’s apple of her eye are her family, friends, love for gourmet cuisine, water sports, reading and laughter which makes a perfect combination for the Esite Creativity “marketing” of the minds!