Introductory offer for our Simple Website

To help small businesses or anyone needing a website, we are offering a simple custom-made website for less than a small cup of coffee a day. Simple is often the most powerfull. If you’re a small business owner who needs a web presence, we make it easy for you. With this plan you get:

  • Up to 5 pages including a contact us form.
  • A professional design that looks great on desktops, tablets and phones.
  • A custom built design
  • SEO friendly to help your positioning in search engines.
  • 1 FREE domain (.com, .ca) worth $25 at GoDaddy
  • 1 FREE email address (or email forwarding).
  • FREE SSL certificate installation.
  • Includes web hosting
  • Responsive customer service
All this for $29.99 a month
(*when paid for a year, or $34.99/month plus domain name when paid monthly)

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Here are some examples of website and testimonials from clients:

Kim Wilson Rentals

Kim Wilson website
Thank you Nico for the great service that was offered to me pertaining to my website. Not being a technical type of person, Nico explain what he felt I needed and was very quick to answer my emails and answer any question that I was unsure of. Thanks again for for expertise. Kim Wilson.

Dave's Tree Service

Kim Wilson website
I chose Esite Creations because they are local. They are located on main Street Hanover. This is a sign that he is invested in the community and has an interest in providing services to help business meet their digital needs. I met with Nico for the first time and he listened to my intentions, drew out additional information from me by asking pertinent questions. He immediately worked on a few concepts to get things started. He was clear with what he could provide and associated costs to meet my needs. Nico is a professional in what he does and doesn't waste your time confusing you with technical terms. He is truly interested in bringing your ideas & imagination into digital reality so you can connect with your customers to do what you do best, Your Business!

You have questions? We have answers.

How long will it take to have my website?

Once we have all the information and content needed, Esite Creations will aim to have your first version of the website built in within a week (subject to contingencies beyond our control).

Can I change my website after it is launched and online?

Of course, it is really easy for us to bring changes to your website. You simply have to contact us with the changes you want to do. We charge $25/half an hour for any changes. Unless you have a lot of changes it should rarely take more than half an hour.

Can you explain how the payments work?

You can choose between a monthly or yearly plan. The yearly plan save you around 15% and you also get a free domain name (value of $20). All payment are made by credit card or Visa/Mastercard debit card (unless you contact us for an alternate payment option). The website fees are charged automatically every month/year base on your plan. In the case that a payment is not made by the time of renewal, the website and emails will be put offline until a payment is done for the next period (but everything will be kept in backup until the domain expires or 1 year, which ever comes first). If you domain name is not renewed, it could be bought by someone else. If you choose any options, they are a one-time fee (unless otherwise specified)

Can I cancel my website?

You can cancel anytime by contacting us. Once your website is launched and online, the first 3 months and the domain name are non-refundable for the monthly package and the first 6 month are non-refundable for an annually package (and the domain name fee will be deducted from the refund).

Will my website come up on Search Engines like Google and Bing?

Yes they will, but it will take a little while for the search engines to find your website and add it to the results. We will build your pages using Search Engine friendly code to help your positioning but on a basic level. If you would like to have your pages optimized and appeared faster, please contact us to discuss this so we know what specific services would suit your needs.

Can I host the website on my server?

No, the website needs to be hosted on our server. If you would like to move the website that we have created to another web server, you will need to purchase that website from us for $799.00CAD. We will also transfer your domain name(s) to you.

Is my website secure?

Your website will be hosted on a tursted server in North America. There is 4 server backups a day, plus we always keep a copy of the last version of your website (that is also backed up daily). We also offer a spam filtering service for your emails.

What if I need something more?

We can do shopping basket, online payment, real estate listing from CREA, and mostly anything you can think of. Please contact us to get a quote on your project.

Are you a trusted company?

We have more than 20 years of experience with website development. We opened our office on main street in Hanover in 2013. We have over 75 active clients that can give you recommendations about our services. You can stop by and visit us anytime!

What if I have more questions?

We are here to answer all your questions, simply call us at 519-375-7199 or check our contact page.

I want my website, let's start!